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Welcome to the era of conversation!

  • Clock logoJuly 18, 2016
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"For the first time, in January 2016 the number of SMS texts sent in France decreased in favor of comprehensive social platforms such as Whatsapp and Messenger" Modes of communication are evolving in this age of social CRM. The interactions of brands with customers will now also come through instant messaging to meet consumer needs: Welcome to the era of conversation !

The Social Client offers a white paper on Messaging aimed to provide the keys to a connected customer experience.

This publication has several objectives:

Understand the challenges of messaging in customer relationships 

More than 50% of French consumers are now mobile first. Every day, there are 26 million people connecting to the internet via their smartphone. As ways to communicate and interact evolve, brands must be aware to offer relevant and effective customer service. We provide insight to some basic trends, including how text messaging is quickly growing as a major role in customer relations.

Choosing a solution to messaging

Live Chat, Instant Messaging, Bots, Click-to-Chat are all new ways for consumers to get in touch with a brand, and vice versa. However, players in the customer relationship field may feel overwhelmed with the various conversational solutions that exist and be out of touch with current technology innovations, or real-life implementations of these technologies. We provide an overview of real-time chat tools.

Messenger, the new customer relationship channel

Messenger is the application that will change the customer relationship. In 2015, David Marcus announced the birth of "Messenger for Business", reflecting the clear intent of Messenger to join elite channels of brand communication and even become THE platform of exchange between brands and their customers. In April 2016, Facebook announced the launch of its "Bot Store", an offer that allows companies to chat with customers and/or offer them a number of personal services (orders, flight information, ticket reference) directly from the Messenger application.

Focus on Bots

Bots or "chatbots" program while generating messages or automatic responses in a conversation. Bots are emerging as the likely evolution of customer self-care. Used with relevancy and transparency, they greatly differentiate from their previous reputation as“spam”, and instead have great value in conversational exchange between consumers and brands, while taking the role of simple to use “mini apps”, with no installation required.

Download the agency white papers now !

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