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The Social Client launches first Facebook Messenger Bot entertainment with a soccer quiz "Sport Bet POS"

  • Clock logoJuly 19, 2016
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For client “La Française des jeux”, or the French Lottery, The Social Client imagined and created a bot for entertainment, which is the first bot of it’s kind in France. The initiative “Sports Bet POS” operated on Facebook Messenger, centered around the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship. To note, this game is no longer live as the UEFA EURO 2016 is finished, but was happening in real time the entire duration of the competition.

The advent of bots on Messenger and UEFA EURO 2016 provided an ideal opportunity for innovation and bot engagement, so the digital consulting agency Acticall Group proposed the creation of a fun and friendly bot "Coach Sport Bet" that could interact with users as a “coach” to gain knowledge prepare for betting on the championship games, as well as compete for the chance to win prizes. This unprecedented customer experience is part of the overall social media strategic support The Social Client provides La Francaise des jeux, or FDJ Sport.

Alexis De Saugère, Department Manager of Distribution and Omnichannel Marketing, Paris FDJ Sport says "We expect this bot to provide several benefits: to activate our Facebook community, recruit new members and build on our editorial strategy of supporting athletes, and the technological innovation of the bot coaching and informing users".

A soccer bot: technology based on both fun and education 

The user communicates with "Coach Sport Bet " on Messenger via the Facebook page of the brand. When the user clicks the button to engage with the game, a bot automatically replies; informing the user of the next upcoming game and inviting him to a game of questions and answers. The user-player responds to a series of 5 questions by choosing one of three multiple-choice answers. If he answers correctly, he can win the official jersey of the UEFA EURO 2016 team of his choice.

The bot coach also offers relevant and informed input questions. "With this bot, we remain in the game world and challenging players. The bot coach prepares Messenger contacts so that they are on top of their knowledge and they maximize their chances of winning if they decide to bet, "says Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne, CEO and co-founder of The Social Client.

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