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GEMO’s Personal Shopper: a chatbot to makeover your wardrobe

  • Clock logoJune 19, 2017
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GEMO, french affordable retail offshoot, decided to seek out millennials by launching its first Messenger chatbot.

French affordable retail offshoot of the ERAM group and a traditional favorite of 35-45 year olds, GEMO decided to seek out millennials, famously nomadic and well versed in every new conversational technology, by launching its first Messenger chatbot. 

Developed by The Social Client, its release is scheduled for the early days of summer, just in time for vacationers to revamp their wardrobe and dress “smart” thanks to this digital companion. 

To do what exactly?

This service providing bot introduces a personal and interactive approach to fashion and confirms the brand’s digital transition, already initiated with its connected outlets, click and collect offer, e-reservations and augmented reality tee-shirts.

« This chatbot sends a modern message, and certainly helps us reach a younger age group. But mainly, it aligns us with our customers’ behaviors by bringing them a quick, simple and specific service 24/7 », explains Julien Hervé, Head of Innovation, Gémo groupe ERAM, during his conference alongside The Social Client at the Paris Customer Stategy Fair in April.

A fashion face-lift

Personal shopping assistant, this chatbot encourages customers to experiment and explore customized looks depending on individual style or whim as the seasons turn and fashion trends evolve. Launched in the Summer, the bot will also prove an ideal shopping companion for the Fall, New Year’s eve, or next Spring…

Through a series of questions that hone in on the customer’s specific tastes, the bot generates and sends a first set of suggested items based on the answers provided. A new feature will associate these suggestions with the customer’s morphological attributes, pulling up purchasing options that are genuinely tailored to the customer. Users can then place an order via a carousel of personalized suggestions, in a single clic!

Through the bot, the customer can also always get in touch with an adviser – who benefits from the whole record of exchanges – or reach the Customer Service page on the brand’s website. The customer can also begin a new selection by launching a new set of questions. The selections are constantly changing along with the seasons and Gemo’s different collections.

« We chose The Social Client to work on the bot’s content, because it is first and foremost a social channel, as well as a distribution channel. Through this chatbot we can focus on the customer himself, and together find what he needs. Every customer is unique. Each one has specific search criteria: budget, fashion, mood, morphology… This chatbot helps us answer these criteria in a simple and discreet way. The customer sets his own search filters. We’re not trying to push a product but to listen to our customer’s requests and offer what best suits him. We’re really putting forward our role as advisers. » underlines Julien Hervé.

What to expect?

At the end of the interaction, an evaluation request is sent to measure the customer’s satisfaction. The statistics indicate the number of users and the length of their interaction with the bot, as well as the number of users who shift to the e-commerce website, the conversion, bounce and dropout rates, to establish whether or not the bot increases the overall transformation rate.

« Before launching a bot, you absolutely have to ask yourself the right questions to avoid the pitfall of gadgetry that ultimately frustrates customers and corrupts our brand image which is built on the values of transparency and simplicity. The bot has to be consistent with these values and fulfill a purpose that’s useful, specific and expected by the customer, without disturbing his or her journey online. Our customers’ trust is based on our ability to provide them with an exchange that simplifies and improves their experience, and remains true to our brand’s identity » concludes Julien Hervé.

Besides generating additional traffic on Gemo’s website, this bot aimed to transcend the strictly in-store retail experience and create a customer relationship that permanently links on and off-line channels. Efficient, reliable and fun, this chatbot firmly sets Gémo’s Customer Experience on the post-millennial path towards innovation… a path that begins with complicity, transparency and customer trust.

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