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Everything you (still) want to know about chatbots

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Published on : December 13, 2018

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Chatbots two years on: Let's go even further

Chatbots are now a key factor for a successful Customer Experience, they are at the center of innovation, and are the focus of TSC's latest White Paper.

Explanations, expert's analyses, business cases… TSC delivers all the comprehensive elements and practical tools for developing chatbots and creating truly enhanced conversational experiences that meet the millennial generation's increasingly high demands and reactivity.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Chatbots two years on: let's go even further, by Laurent Uberti

1. Decoding

1.1 Chatbots: back to basics

1.2 Chatbots, a maturing market to be handled with care

2. Expert analysis

2.1 How to design and enhance your chatbot, by Josselin Moreau

2.2 Focus on chatbot roll-out, by Geoffrey Boulakia

3. Discovering

3.1 Revisiting chatbot families

3.2 Other chatbots we like

Conclusion: From chatbots to voicebots, by Geoffrey Boulakia

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