Facebook messenger for business: for a better customer experience

Facebook messenger for business: for a better customer experience

Facebook has announced a raft of new features and improvements to its Messenger Platform that, it claims, will make interacting with customers even easier for even more businesses.  

Messenger goes white label

The update, Messenger Platform 2.3, will enable business users to embed Messenger into their websites and to customize its appearance, including being able to change the icon colors to match corporate branding or website design.

Away from aesthetics, users will now be able to personalize the platform’s greeting text when a customer lands on the page looking for assistance. What’s more, the system now supports the image carrousel feature that will add a multimedia dimension to communication.

Convert questions into custom

To aid in its use as a conversion tool, Messenger now has a quick reply feature that auto populates a form based on the information in a site visitor’s Facebook profile (name, email address, phone number), when that person presses on the button.

This feature coincides with the introduction of notifications. A customer will now know when a business has received and read a chat message.


As Geoffrey Boulakia, General Manager EMEA of TSC, Sitel Group’s digital CX agency, points out: “With this latest release, Facebook is really bringing the platform’s business capabilities to the fore. Messenger is becoming a real customer care and customer conversion tool.”

It’s why Facebook is also opening up two new API metrics so that businesses can track the number of open conversations between customers and their website Messenger plugin; and can also check how many conversations have been initiated by people who have never interacted with the company (via Messenger) before.


Chatbot support

All of the new features are available whether your business responds to Messenger queries via an agent or chatbot and even here, the tech giant is also implementing changes in the background that will make handover from a bot to a person smoother.

The updates also underscore the growing importance to all customer-facing businesses of social as a channel. It’s a simple, seamless form of communication and one that is always open as message history remains intact.

The channel of choice

Facebook Messenger alone supports 2 billion conversations every month between businesses and customers. Couple this with the fact that these conversations can be handled, at a qualification level at least, by a chatbot, and the business benefits are impossible to ignore.

Indeed the Messenger platform is now overflowing with features that will let existing users bring even more value to their customers and let smaller companies take full advantage too. However, with so many potential new tools, it can make adopting the right solution even more complicated.

Therefore, finding the right partner to help create the right framework, perfect the business case and deploy the solution is critical. “Even Facebook agrees on this point,” explains Geoffrey Boulakia. “There are certain new features in this release that will only be accessible to the firm’s trusted partners. This is to ensure they aren’t used for, say, delivering spam, rather than added value, and because Facebook does not want anything to dent Messenger’s growing reputation as a business tool.”


Through the expertise at TSC, Sitel Group is one such trusted partner, responsible for a host Messenger implementations for clients and for deploying dozens of chatbots on the platform for automating and optimizing customer relations.


Geoffrey Boulakia

Managing Director EMEA