The Health and Communication Festival rewards the Smoke free’ chatbot

The Health and Communication Festival rewards the Smoke free’ chatbot

The Health & Communication Festival rewards the first’ Smoke free’ chatbot developed by The Social Client for the Ramsay Générale de Santé Foundation


YES! IT’S POSSIBLE, thanks to the awareness campaign that the Ramsay Générale de Santé foundation ran with its Smoke-free chatbot. The bot aimed to build a supportive community around smokers trying to quit, by sharing their experiences with other web users and creating a network where they could motivate and challenge one another every day in a fun and compelling way. The encouragement that these support groups provided over a month’s time effectively multiplied by 5 the smokers’ chances of quitting: jumpstarting their course to success.



The campaign’s success caught the attention of the Health & Communication festival jury who awarded its annual prizes on Thursday January 26th, 2017 in Paris. The Social Client’s Smoke-free bot won bronze in the category’ Public Health Communication on Disease Prevention and Awareness : an outstanding distinction for the team helming the project, as Caroline Desaegher, Sales Manager for Ramsay Générale de Santé, relates: « This award is a powerful acknowledgment of our Foundation’s efforts toward Disease Prevention. With this first action, we wanted to seize new opportunities provided by Social Networks, not as a business operation but to raise awareness on health matters. We hoped to truly build communities around smokers in order to support them for at least a month in their efforts to quit. That’s the marvel of Social Networks”.


The context and spirit of a healthy competition fueled the will power of smokers, helping them persist in their endeavor. Over 60% of smokers express a desire to quit, but give up half-way for lack of a strong enough support system. A genuine problem to which the Smoke-free bot offered an alternative and innovative solution.

An unprecedented experiential Chatbot, intended as both a Health companion and Awareness-raising campaign manager. One of many more to come, as The Social Client is already imagining new, additional applications for other industries


Geoffrey Boulakia

Managing Director EMEA