Vinci is using chatbots to boost its employer brand

Vinci is using chatbots to boost its employer brand

Too ambitious ? Too generous ? Too creative ? Too daring ? Never at VINCI’s ! The Social Client developed VINCI’s employer brand chatbot which allows you to express your personality.


Are you simply too curious, ambitious or generous too much like this, or too much like that? At Vinci, we love exactly what is too much about you. This is how the Group communicated its recruitment drive in February 2017. The aim was to boost its employer brand awareness and enhance the Group’s image via new content uploaded to the social networks. Vinci recruits new talent on the basis of professional and personal qualities in its quest for people with real personalities. The concept revolves around five adjectives – too audacious, too curious, too ambitious, too generous and too creative’ broken out into five challenges open to everyone.


TSC a pioneer in this domain created a multilingual chatbot, accessible on Messenger via the Group’s Facebook page that enables Vinci to deploy an alternative approach to recruitment. The chatbot acts as an intermediary between users and Human Resources but, first and foremost, it provides a groundbreaking digital experience that offers complete immersion in the five adjectives that underpin the brand’s values. Once users have selected their mission from a carousel format, the bot sends information together with a teaser to their telephone. The participant then answers questions, gets points, creates a template with a frame and photo, selects emojis, etc. The challenge and gifts depend on what adjectives have been selected (curious, generous, etc.), i.e., either extreme sports, connected objects, a donation to a charitable association, cultural products, etc.

The chatbot memorizes the scores and missions accomplished. It prompts the user to complete a mission that got interrupted or to discover fresh challenges. Any questions? One-click is enough to send an email to Vinci and begin interacting with the brand. The find out more button takes users to job offers on the Group’s website.


The chatbot delivered rewards for all parties. Vinci was able to deploy a fun recruitment drive and compile KPIs about use while also promoting its brand values. As for the candidates, they were able to learn about the Group and the careers on offer. Other stakeholders involved: Vinci employees, who share the campaign on the social networks, became front-line quality ambassadors. Targeting Millennials, engineers, salespeople, and others passionate about innovation was especially effective: between 6 and 26 March 2017, the bot clocked up over 1,000 unique conversations and 75% of challenges were completed. We eagerly await the hiring rate for these new 100% digital candidates. So, it’s mission accomplished for this operation, i.e., in terms of both reaching new profiles and recruiting’ real personalities.


Geoffrey Boulakia

Managing Director EMEA