Parc Astérix Atonservix NLP Chatbot

The Parc Asterix' visitors companion


Parc Asterix needed to create a new service to support visitors during their journey and wanted to experiment an innovative approach.

Atonservix the companion chatbot enhancing the leisure experience.

TSC and Compagnie des Alpes partnered to create Atonservix, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot helping customers at all steps of their visits: before, during and after their experience at Parc Astérix.

TSC has engaged a scoping methodology to analyze all the asked questions to staff members and contact center agents. This data mine helped us to shape and educate the chatbot at his best.

Keys to success for this project were based on a specific attention to Atonservix’s personality as well as a continuous educational work to make him improve is reactions and understanding capabilities. Atonservix is now a real character of the Parc Astérix universe. Meet him on Facebook, Messenger and Parc Astérix’ website.


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